The Past Hindi Movie (2018)

The Past Hindi Movie (2018)

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The story starts with a character name Simran, who is a novelist by profession, One day he gets a call from Yuvraaj who is a sole owner of a publishing house (Nexus publication). He asked Simran to write a novel on his own story line. Simran accepts that offer and goes to lonavala bungalow to write a novel with her sister Alia… The moments they both starts living in that Bungalow they starts feeling some paranormal activity, As the days passes in the bungalow paranormal activities increases, and Simran gets possessed, seeing her sister in trauma Alia calls her sister’s best friend Disha. When Disha reaches the bungalow simran is completely possessed with the spirit.. To Save Simran from the spirit Disha calls a psychic, name Jane who comes to the bungalow to save simran from that evil spirit. But she finds it difficult to handle the Spirit, Later in the second half she finds some hidden truth of the bungalow and made her forced to call her senior Mr Rajesh to save the girl from that spirit, which opens the hidden track in the story.

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